The new year is off to a strong start, with the notorious Dry January yielding positive sales for both boozy and non-alcoholic drinks alike. NA categories grew once again this year, though some saw more gains than others. And it looks like long weekends will continue to be strong sales drivers in 2024, as evidenced by Martin Luther King Day weekend. Get these and more insights from Drizly’s January 2024 sales.

Fastest-Growing Categories in January 2024

Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails aren’t going anywhere in 2024: the Cosmopolitan RTD was the fastest-growing spirits subcategory in January, led by the Ketel One Cosmopolitan Cocktail. In the wine category, Greek grape variety Assyrtiko led growth, led by SKUs from Domaine Sigalas, Greek Wine Cellars (GWC), and Santo Wines. And as consumers continue to look for hard alternatives in the beer category, hard iced tea made a strong showing, led by Twisted Tea and Loverboy.

Dry January 2024 Insights

As expected, Dry January had another strong showing in 2024, with non-alcoholic drinks holding 0.64 percent of sales share on Drizly last month, up from 0.56 percent last year. The highest gains were seen in non-alcoholic beer, which jumped from 0.25 percent share in 2023 to 0.31 percent share in 2024, followed by non-alcoholic spirits, which increased from 0.13 percent to 0.16 percent. Non-alcoholic wine share dropped slightly compared to last year.

Among non-alcoholic brands, Ritual Zero Proof made big gains, moving from No. 9 to No. 4 on the top sellers list. Guinness also moved up the list, from No. 10 to No. 6. New entrants included Lautus, a non-alcoholic wine, and Budweiser, which launched Budweiser Zero in 2020.

Market Insights: Portland, Maine

Last month, the fastest-growing market on Drizly was Portland, Maine. The northeastern market over-indexes on both wine and beer; liquor held just nine percent share of sales in January. Wine held 57 percent, while beer held 30 percent, and extras held three percent.

Top-Selling Subcategories in Portland, Maine, January 2024

  • White Wine: 26 percent
  • Red Wine: 21 percent
  • Ready-to-Drink: 9 percent
  • Hard Seltzer: 7 percent
  • Hard Iced Tea: 4 percent
  • Light Lager: 3 percent
  • American-Style Lager: 3 percent
  • American Sparkling: 2 percent
  • IPA: 2 percent
  • Rosé Wine: 2 percent

January’s Breakout Brands

Among spirits brands, White Claw led growth last month thanks to its vodka and vodka-soda RTD cocktails. California’s Laughing Monk Brewery topped year-over-year beer brand growth, with SKUs such as Holy Ghost Pilsner, Brother Vincent West Coast IPA, and Brother Irwin Hazy IPA. And in the wine category, a flavored wine brand took the top spot: XXL Wines, which has become popular on TikTok for SKUs like Strawberry & Grapes, Pineapple, Blackberry, and more. At 16% ABV, these wines pack a bigger punch than your average wine brand.

Consumers Are Still Stocking Up Before Long Weekends

On Martin Luther King Day weekend, the top sales date was Friday, January 12th, just before the weekend kicked into gear. This continues the 2023 trend of long weekends being key sales drivers – just ahead of President’s Day weekend.