Drizly Top Shelf Retailer Awards

This year, we launched the Top Shelf Retailer Awards to celebrate 100 Drizly Retail Partners who go above and beyond in 10 unique categories to create memory-making customer experiences. Award winners are based on customer store ratings, reviews, and Drizly inventory and order data. Check out the 2021 Top Shelf Retailer Awards categories and winners.

Impact Award

For driving positive change in the beverage industry by creating shelf space and investing in minority-owned brands.

  1. Buster’s Liquors & Wines

    Memphis, TN

  2. Corkdorks Wine Spirits Beer

    Nashville, TN

  3. Foundry Row Wine & Spirits

    Owings Mills, MD

  4. Happy Cork

    Brooklyn, NY

  5. Kahn’s Fine Wines & Spirits

    Indianapolis, IN

  6. Kimbark Beverage Shoppe

    Chicago, IL

  7. Metro Wine and Spirits

    Washington, DC

  8. Palm Beach Liquor

    Delray Beach, FL

  9. Remedy Liquor & Wine Cellar

    Glendale, CA

  10. Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Atlanta, GA

customer review – Happy Cork

“Love Happy Cork! Best inventory and speedy delivery!”

Long Hauler Award

For making the furthest deliveries, even during peak hours.

  1. Alexandria Discount Beer & Wine

    Alexandria, VA

  2. Bush Market

    San Francisco, CA

  3. Crown Liquors

    Indianapolis, IN

  4. Georgio’s Liquors

    Waltham, MA

  5. Irving Park Liquor

    Chicago, IL

  6. Key Market Liquor

    Santa Ana, CA

  7. King Keg

    Hawthorne, CA

  8. Ponce Mini Market

    Atlanta, GA

  9. RED Spirits & Wine

    Nashville, TN

  10. Surf Liquors

    Seaside Heights, NJ

customer review – Surf Liquors

“Outstanding. Surf liquor came out on a Sunday night during a storm. My order even came with a free coozy.”

G.O.A.T Gifter Award

For treating gift orders like they’re sending it to their own mom. You the real MVPs (Most Valuable Present-deliverers).

  1. 101 Wine Company

    Encinitas, CA

  2. Beverage Boss

    New Haven, CT

  3. Bottles and Cases

    Huntington, NY

  4. Broadway Spirits

    New York, NY

  5. Downtown Spirits

    Seattle, WA

  6. Gary’s Liquor

    Phoenix, AZ

  7. Greenwood Liquor & Wine

    Seattle, WA

  8. Rayan’s Liquors

    Chicago, IL

  9. Robert Burns Wine & Liquor

    Beverly Hills, CA

  10. Universal Fine Wine and Spirits

    Holiday, FL

customer review – Gary’s Liquor

“Always amazing :)”

Best Selection: Wine

For the best wine selection and unique offerings in their market. From natural to orange wine and that Brunello you’ve been that searching for. You want it, they got it.

  1. Amazing Grapes Wine

    Waterford, CT

  2. B Town Wine + Spirits

    Boulder, CO

  3. Brady’s Wine Warehouse

    New Orleans, LA

  4. Cordially Yours Wine

    Depew, NY

  5. Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors

    Watertown, MA

  6. Great Wines

    Memphis, TN

  7. Luekens Wine & Spirits

    Seminole, FL

  8. Sherry’s Wine and Spirits

    Washington, DC

  9. VinVero Wines

    New York, NY

  10. Witty’s Fine Wine & Liquors

    Rahway, NJ

Customer review – Brady’s Wine Warehouse

“Great, as per usual. Quick delivery and wonderful selection of good wines. I’m always pleased.”

Best Selection: Liquor

For the, wait for it, biggest liquor selection in their market. We’re talking rare bourbons, the newest mezcals… all of it.

  1. 1 West Dupont Circle Wines & Liquors

    Washington, DC

  2. Wine and Liquor Depot

    Van Nuys, CA

  3. East Village Wines & Spirits

    New York, NY

  4. Grand Cru Wine & Spirits

    Oklahoma City, OK

  5. Jacob’s Spirit

    Plano, TX

  6. Liquor Warehouse

    Rochester, NY

  7. Lukas Liquor

    Lone Tree, CO

  8. Old Port Spirits & Cigars

    Portland, ME

  9. Paradise Liquor Mini Mart

    Phoenix, AZ

  10. The House of Liquor

    Miami, FL

customer Review – Paradise Liquor Mini Mart

“Great, efficient delivery of a relatively hard-to-find bottle!”

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