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What is Drizly?

Hi there, we’re Drizly, North America’s largest online marketplace for alcohol. We help retailers sell their inventory online. Through Drizly, we connect Retail Partners to millions of customers looking to buy online from their local liquor store and get delivery to their door. We help grow our Retail Partners’ businesses, bringing you new customers and helping you make insight-driven business decisions.

Who are Drizly Retail Partners?

Drizly Retail Partners are retailers of all sizes from across 1,400 urban and suburban markets in the United States and Canada. We partner with more than 4,800 retailers – liquor stores, bodegas, specialty shops, and more – who are looking to reach new customers and grow their sales. If that sounds like you, we’d love to partner with you. 

Why become a Drizly Retail Partner?

Grow Your Business Online

Bring your shelves online for free with Drizly – no sign up, maintenance, or cancellation fees, and no need to build your own platform from scratch. We’ll provide you with all the tools and tricks you need to succeed online.

Reach New Customers

Think of us as your new marketing arm. We’ll work from day one to bring new customers to your store. As the largest e-commerce alcohol platform in North America, we’ve got millions of consumers waiting to shop from retailers like you.

Access Data and Insights

Our goal is to help you grow. We process and analyze hundreds of thousands of alcohol transactions daily and share that trend data right back with you, so you know the right products to carry in your store.

Here’s how some of our Retail Partners have grown their businesses using Drizly:

of Drizly customers are more likely to shop your store in-person


of customers repeat at the same store on Drizly


of Drizly customers will be new to your store

Retail Partners just like you


Drizly Retail Partners


Average growth in sales in 2020


Average monthly orders/store

How it Works

Bring Your Inventory Online

Inventory Online

Drizly works with over 100 point of sale systems to bring your inventory online. We’ll work with you to connect your inventory to start selling right away. We provide real time inventory updates via your POS, Daily Settlements, and access to a dedicated Drizly Account Manager to ensure the success of your store.

Choose Your Delivery Plan

Delivery Plan

You maintain complete control over the delivery experience with the customer. Note that 3rd party delivery is available to stores in certain geographies. We’ll work with you to help get your team trained on Drizly tools and delivery best practices.

Start Selling to New Customers

New customers

That’s it. As soon as your store is live, we’ll notify customers in your area that they can now shop your store on Drizly. Consumers will be able to browse your full inventory online, hit order, and voila, your store gains a new customer. You’ll receive detailed updates right through the Drizly app so you can properly pack and deliver the order.


To start, there are no fixed costs at all when you work with Drizly. You only pay when customers order from your store. No sign-up fee, maintenance fees or minimums, and no cancellation fees.

Beyond that, our pricing model reflects the fact that we operate in a highly regulated market. Our model is built to be compliant with the regulatory bodies in every state we operate in. Depending on where your store is located, our team will communicate which pricing structure you’ll fall into.

Dollars per order

Pay a set amount on every Drizly order.

Percentage of sale

Pay a percentage on each of your Drizly orders.

Tiered licensing fee schedule

Pay a fee based on your volume of sales on Drizly.


Just in case you were curious, too.

Is this REALLY legal?

Drizly was uniquely designed to operate within the three-tier system. We’re not out to disrupt it – we’re here to help our partners bring their shelves online in a legally compliant manner. We’re fully versed on the proper regulations of each state we operate in and can work with you to determine if you’re able to partner with Drizly today.

How long does it take to get started?

We’ve done it in as little as 48 hours before and since we’re pretty competitive, we’re always trying to beat that record. Generally, you can expect that it will take around 5-7 days, but it depends on a variety of factors. We can give you a better idea once we start talking.

Does my store need special permits or licenses to deliver alcohol?

You might. We strongly encourage you to contact regulatory bodies in your state to ensure you’re properly certified to deliver alcohol to customers.

Who does the deliveries?

Stores and their staff maintain control of packing and delivering all orders received through Drizly. In some states, third-party delivery services are available. For more information on external delivery solutions in your area, contact us.

Can I be the exclusive Drizly store for my area?

We operate on a marketplace model and our platform is open to all qualified retailers. While we do not guarantee exclusivity to any one store in a given area, we’re constantly investing in driving new customers to all of our Retail Partners to help grow their business.

How does Drizly determine delivery zones and order minimums?

Drizly assesses real-time drive data to determine optimal delivery zones for our Retail Partners. Drizly’s delivery zones help your team reach the right shoppers in your area and ensure a consistent delivery experience. Our team will also provide guidance on order minimums for maximum user satisfaction and return rate, so shoppers come back to your store again, and again…and again.

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