The most successful Drizly retailers have more in common than exceptional customer service and great product selections. They also utilize a secret weapon: Drizly reports. Available to all of the company’s partners across the country, Drizly reports can help retailers increase sales and stay ahead of the competition. 

“Reviewing reports helps retailers make smarter purchasing decisions and provides insights into what’s selling in their area,” says Kathryn Lehman, Drizly’s director of account management. “I recommend looking at them at least once a week, or ideally, every day.”

Following are Lehman’s tips for how to effectively utilize Drizly’s reports to grow sales and maximize success.

Retailer Score Report

When customers search on Drizly for a product that’s available from multiple stores in their area, a numerical rating pops up next to each retailer’s name. That number is the retailer score. Ranging from five to 10, the rating is based on factors that affect the customer experience, such as the percentage of orders delivered within 60 minutes, product substitution rates, and individual order ratings. 

“If I’m a consumer, I’m using bits and pieces of information on the product display page to make my purchasing decision,” says Lehman. “The retailer score gives store owners the ability to compete on more than just price.” If, for example, a consumer needs to ensure their order arrives in 60 minutes or less, they may choose a retailer with a higher score to help ensure a timely delivery. 

Using Drizly’s Retailer Score report, retailers can drill down to view the metrics behind their ratings and see where they may need to make improvements. “They can use the information to identify training and education opportunities for their staff,” Lehman says. “They can say to their drivers, ‘We’re not meeting delivery time expectations, but if we do, our score will increase.’”

My Top-Selling Items Report

This is Drizly’s meatiest report, Lehman says, and the one that deserves the most attention. Not only does it rank the retailer’s best-selling Drizly items, it includes data for each product on sales gains or declines, as well as best-selling product sizes, sales totals, and the number of units sold. The report can also be filtered to show rankings for a particular product category. 

“This is literally telling the store what customers are purchasing most often,” says Lehman, “and it’s a consistent reminder to always have these items in stock.”

Justin George, a Drizly retailer based in Denver, uses the report to refine his store’s pricing strategies. If one of his lower-ranking items is priced significantly lower at a nearby shop, he may decide to adjust his pricing to be more competitive. 

Top-Selling Items I Don’t Carry Report

Along with knowing the online sales rankings of their most popular products, it’s important for retailers to monitor hot-selling items they are not currently stocking. With Top-Selling Items, store managers can find out what the best sellers are in their local area, as well as nationally. 

“I would definitely encourage all retailers to look at this on a regular basis,” says Lehman, “and use the information to make sure they’re not missing out on new customers and conversions.” 

One of Drizly’s partners in Boston regularly uses the report to make purchasing decisions. When wine, beer, and spirits representatives come into his store to sell his staff on new products, he checks the Top-Selling Items I Don’t Carry report to see how those products are selling in his area. 

“It’s not just an opportunity for them to buy new items for their store,” Lehman says. “It’s also a chance for retailers to double check the accuracy of their point-of-sale to ensure that quantities are positive and everything has the right pricing in place.”

Custom Reports

Drizly retailers may also work with their account manager to request custom reports to help them increase sales and grow their businesses. For example, they may request data on Drizly’s top-selling gift items in preparation for the holidays, or ask for rankings of the most popular pumpkin beers for the upcoming fall season. 

“We have unlimited data available to us,” Lehman says. “The possibilities really span the spectrum.”