The most popular new products released on Drizly in the last quarter of 2023 showed diversity, proving wintry flavors aren’t the only thing consumers are reaching for during the holiday season. Instead, the list – which spans a wide range of price points and categories – reveals consumers are embracing the variety of new products available while also purchasing holiday favorites. 

“Going into this holiday season, we knew there were a lot of open questions around consumer spending given the economic environment, and I think the range of price points on this list is an indication of that,” explains Liz Paquette, Drizly’s head of consumer insights, pointing out that the two most popular new releases – Hennessy Henny White Cognac and Viarae Prosecco – represent super-premium and value products, respectively. 

“While many of the products on this list are tailored to the holiday season like gift sets and RumChata Pumpkin Spice, many fall into categories that continue to spike during the winter months like whiskey and stouts – especially in March around St.Patrick’s Day,” adds Paquette. “So retailers should expect these new products to continue to pique consumer interest in the coming months.”

Read on for BevAlc Insights’ analysis of the top-selling new products, and how retailers can take advantage of them. 

Spirits Are on a Hot Streak 

Spirits made up a whopping 60 percent of the most popular new products across Drizly in Q4, with whiskey, tequila, and even gin making the list. 

“This trend has persisted throughout the year as liquor continues its dominance as the top-selling category on Drizly,” explains Paquette. “But share particularly peaks in Q4, as spirits are popular amidst holiday celebrations and gift giving.” 

Within spirits, gift sets and limited-edition releases continued to captivate consumers, with nearly all of the spirits on the list of the 20 best-selling new releases in Q4 falling within the specialty category. The most popular new spirits in Q4 included Hennessy Henny White Cognac, 2024 Limited-Edition Tequila Don Julio 1942 Illumination Bottle, RumChata Pumpkin Spice, and Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin. 

In particular, Empress 1908’s Elderflower Rose Gin bucked seasonal trends with its vermilion-hued new release. 

“The Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin is one that stood out on this list as these flavors and gin in general are typically more popular in the spring,” says Paquette. “However, given the success and popularity of Empress’s Indigo Gin, consumers were likely eager to try and test out new cocktails with the striking color.” 

Whiskey remained the top-selling liquor subcategory, accounting for 30 percent of popular new releases. The Jack Daniel’s Holiday Gift Box and Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider Spiced Apple Punch were the most popular new domestic whiskeys. Among Scotch whiskies, Glenmorangie’s A Tale of Tokyo, The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition Single Malt, and The Macallan A Night On Earth The Journey made the list. 

“Scotch certainly made its mark on the new products list with releases from two very popular brands in the category. I would attribute these releases’ popularity to the holiday season, and gifting in particular,” explains Paquette, adding that Scotch was the second-most popular liquor gift category in Q4, making up 20 percent of liquor gift share.  

Classic Gifts Take the Cake

“Gift sets are a clear favorite on the list, which makes sense given that gifting peaks on Drizly in December, with five gift sets across wine and liquor making the top 20,” says Paquette.

Though bourbon was the most popular spirits gift on Drizly, accounting for 25 percent of liquor gift share, no new-release bourbons made the most popular new products list. However, Jack Daniel’s Holiday Gift Box with Glass and the Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila Gift Set did land in the top 20.

Among wines, Drizly’s packaged gift sets accounted for three of the top 20 new releases. The Sparkling Rosé Duo, California Reds Duo, and premium Napa Cabernet Gift Set all ranked among the quarter’s top new products. 

Prosecco Gains Popularity

While Champagne and red wines typically dominate winter wine sales, Q4 of 2023 saw alternative sparkling wines like Prosecco and Cava joining the ranks of best-selling new products. 

“Viarae Prosecco as the number two best-selling new product was a standout,” says Paquette, adding that the category has grown significantly in 2023, possibly as a result of economic uncertainty and consumers seeking out deals. In 2023, Prosecco accounted for 25 percent of share within the sparkling wine category, a three percentage point gain over 2022. Juve y Camps Brut Nature Cava Gran Reserva was also among the most popular new products, suggesting consumers are eager to branch out and explore sparkling wines more broadly. 

“As we have seen Prosecco share rise over the past year, we have equally seen Champagne share of the sparkling wine category decline,” says Paquette. “That said, the category did still see a significant gain in share in Q4, particularly on New Year’s Eve.” Overall, Champagne declined from 59 percent of sparkling wine category share in 2022 to 56 percent in 2023. 

Consistent with typical seasonal trends, newly released red wines also proved popular in Q4, with Lemelson Thea’s Selection Pinot Noir and Avaline Cabernet Sauvignon making the top 20 list.