In 2022, product-led reports proved to be popular among beverage industry members, with BevAlc Insights’ insights into the top 20 beer, wine, whiskey, and spirits SKUs making the list of our most-read pieces. Readers were also curious about the non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits category, pushing two NA pieces into the top 10 list. But it was the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail category that once again took the top spot after another blockbuster year.

These are the 10 most popular BevAlc Insights articles of 2022.

10. What Retailers Should Know About Legally Selling Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Selling non-alcoholic alternatives and CBD-infused beverages is not as simple as it seems

Non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits products have been some of the fastest-growing ones this year, but retailers should pay attention to state-specific laws and choose delivery partners wisely. Read the full article

9. Category on the Rise: Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Driven by consumer desire for ‘better-for-you’ beverages and rise in product innovation, non-alcoholic categories continue to grow

Everything retailers should know about who is drinking non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits, which subcategories are growing the fastest, and more. Read the full article

8. BevAlc Insights’ 2022 Hard Seltzer Forecast

After years of high-paced growth, share of this fast-growing category is starting to level off. Here are the hard seltzer trends to watch in 2022

Despite slowing growth, hard seltzer remains an important one for retailers to stock. Discover the brands that are selling and the ones to watch. Read the full article

7. LGBTQIA+ Owned Brands to Have on Your Radar

As consumers seek beer, wine, and spirits led by LGBTQIA+ community members, here’s how to meet demand and support these brands

LGBTQIA+ owners speak about the growing demand for beverages from diverse proprietors, and we detail some of the brands that consumers are seeking out. Read the full article

6. What Retailers Can Learn from Drizly’s Top 20 Best-Selling Wines

Consumers are trading up and embracing alternative formats, among other key takeaways

Discover how consumers feel about key grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, international offerings, and boxed wine in this product-driven report. Read the full article

5. Insights From Drizly’s 20 Top-Selling Spirits

Analyzing data from liquor purchased in 2022 – and comparing it to pandemic-era trends – reveals what consumers are looking for in this top category

The rise of tequila and ready-to-drink cocktails is evident in an analysis of Drizly’s top 20 spirits SKUs. Read the full article

4. Drizly’s Top 5 RTD Cocktail Flavors

Riffs on classic cocktails dominate the top-selling ready-to-drink cocktail flavors

There are no signs that the ready-to-drink cocktail category will slow down anytime soon, and consumers are increasingly seeking out variety when purchasing these convenient beverages. While vodka-based options and margaritas reign supreme, see what else made the list. Read the full article

3. What Retailers Can Learn From Drizly’s 20 Top-Selling Whiskeys

Data points to increased product diversification, wider geographical reach, and more

Exploring trends among the top 20 whiskeys on Drizly, from the importance of bourbon to the prominence of gifting within this category. Read the full article

2. Insights from Drizly’s Top 20 Top-Selling Beers

Lasting pandemic impact and rise in alternatives have led to core beer share decline. Will the category bounce back?

Within the core beer category – excluding hard seltzer – which SKUs are driving sales? Lighter beer could push the category forward. Read the full article

1. BevAlc Insights’ 2022 RTD Cocktail Forecast

Ready-to-drink cocktails are poised for strong growth, driven by flavor innovation and a shift away from hard seltzer

It was the year of the ready-to-drink cocktail as this rapidly growing category outpaced its closest competitor, hard seltzer, on occasions like the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend. Dive into the RTD boom and explore brands to watch in this report. Read the full article