Which BevAlc Insights articles resonated with readers the most in 2023? Though product-centric pieces like our 20 best-selling wines, spirits, and sparkling wines overviews were popular, so were reports on larger trends taking hold in the industry, such as Gen Z purchasing habits and the current state of premiumization.

In a sign of the strength of conscious consumerism, our spotlight on Black-owned drinks brands landed in the number two position as the industry seeks out more diverse brands to stock. But for the third year in a row, our most-read article in 2023 was our ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail forecast, a signal that this growing spirits category is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

These are the 10 most popular BevAlc Insights articles of 2023.

10. What Retailers Should Know About Legally Selling Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Selling non-alcoholic alternatives and CBD-infused beverages is not as simple as it seems

Non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits products continued to accelerate throughout the year, but retailers should pay attention to state-specific laws and choose delivery partners wisely. Read the full article

9. BevAlc Insights’ 2024 Non-Alcoholic Wine, Beer, and Spirits Category Forecast

It’s been a big year for alcohol-free beverages, and that’s unlikely to slow anytime soon. Get to know the newcomers topping the charts of bestsellers

With more than 100 non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits brands available on Drizly, NA has gone from category on the rise to full-blown category to stock. Here’s what you should know about top SKUs, who is drinking NA beverages, and more. Read the full article

8. Exploring the Ins and Outs of Gen Z Purchasing Trends

The youngest generation of legal drinking age consumers is small, but quickly growing more and more influential

Gen Z is the first generation of truly digital natives used to the convenience of shopping online. Learn what kinds of drinks they gravitate towards. Read the full article

7. What Retailers Can Learn from Drizly’s Top 20 Best-Selling Wines

Consumers are purchasing higher-end bubbles, gravitating toward whites, and spending more per unit

Though red wine share is declining among our top 20 SKUs, popular Champagnes and sparkling wines reflect the notion that consumers are still trading up. Read the full article

6. What Retailers Can Learn From the Top-Selling Spirits

Analyzing data from liquor purchased in 2022 – and comparing it to pandemic-era trends – reveals what consumers are looking for in this top category

Our top 20 spirits underscore the rise of tequila – especially premium tequila – and ready-to-drink cocktails. Read the full article

5. What To Know About Beverage Alcohol Premiumization in 2023

There’s a slowdown in the trading-up trend, but there is an opportunity to take advantage of continued growth in certain categories

After the off-premise premiumization boom during the early days of the pandemic, inflation has caused consumers to pull back their spending a bit – but premium categories remain strong. Read the full article

4. Drizly’s 20 Top-Selling Sparkling Wines and Champagnes

The category has grown every year for two decades, and 2022 is poised to continue that trend

Champagne leads sparkling wine share, but inflation has caused less-expensive subcategories like Prosecco to shine. Read the full article

3. Insights from Drizly’s Top 5 Irish Whiskey Brands

These five brands have held the top Irish whiskey spots since 2020, making them important brands to know ahead of spiking sales in March

Led by Jameson, the five best-selling Irish whiskey brands have strong recognition among consumers. Read the full article

2. Black-Owned Drinks Brands to Have on Your Radar

These fast-growing brands are bringing diversity to the drinks business and captivating consumers in the process

As value-conscious consumers seek out beverage brands from a more diverse set of owners, get to know more than 40 of the Black-owned drinks brands available on Drizly. Read the full article

1. BevAlc Insights’ 2023 RTD Cocktail Forecast

Ready-to-drink cocktails continue to experience growth and surpass hard seltzer, driven by flavor innovation
Once again, our ready-to-drink cocktail forecast topped the charts as the RTD cocktail category itself continues to gain share on the Drizly platform. Take a closer look at what’s propelling the RTD cocktail boom and explore brands to know. Read the full article