As 2021 begins, take a look back at the top 10 the most-read BevAlc Insights articles of the year. Since we launching in June, our goal is to provide real-time data and insights on the topics most pertinent to our retail partners, from deep dives into major alcohol categories like RTD cocktails and tequila, to analyses of monthly sales, to exploring beverage alcohol legal regulations, and much more. These are our top BevAlc Insights articles of 2020.

10. Drizly’s Top Predictions for the BevAlc Industry Post-Quarantine 2020

From the rise of home bartending to the surge in healthy alternatives, these are the trends to watch

When Drizly made its top predictions for the beverage alcohol industry in 2020 early in the year, we admitted we couldn’t predict the future. That couldn’t have been truer, as the impact of Covid-19 completely upended the industry in March. Mid-year, we revisited our predictions to outline new trends that would persist post-quarantine, such as the rise of home bartending, and existing ones, like the continued growth of hard seltzer and the importance of online alcohol sales. Read the Full Article

9. How the ‘Premiumization’ Trend Will Impact Retail

How operators can make the most of trading up, even in a time of changing purchasing behavior

Over the past two decades, consumers have gravitated towards more premium alcoholic beverages due to influences like broader options for high-quality products and consumer appreciation for production and origin. This article highlighted the categories acting as the strongest drivers of premium growth than others and explored the lasting impact of Covid-19 on the beverage purchasing climate. Read the Full Article

8. What Retailers Can Learn From Drizly’s 20 Top-Selling Wines

Consumers are trading up and embracing alternative formats, among other key takeaways

By looking at the top 20 best-selling wine SKUs of the year, we outlined four major trends occurring among Drizly’s wine purchasers. Among the takeaways explored were consumer willingness to embrace boxed wine, the increasing allure of international wines, and shifting demographics and price points among wine consumers. Read the Full Article

7. What Retailers Can Learn From Drizly’s 20 Top-Selling Spirits

Analyzing spirits data for the pandemic period reveals what’s commanding consumers’ attention

Using Drizly data from March through July 2020, we explored the top consumer liquor purchasing trends through the lens of the top-selling spirits SKUs nationwide. Data pointed to premiumization, enthusiasm for making cocktails, and a growing thirst for tequila. Read the Full Article

6. Understanding the Legal Landscape of Alcohol Delivery

Jaci Flug, Drizly’s head of regulatory affairs discusses state and local laws, and compliance considerations

For beverage alcohol retailers seeking new ways to reach customers and increase revenue, on-demand alcohol delivery is a key growth strategy, and a channel that has seen a surge in legalization in states across the U.S. In this article, we spoke to Drizly’s vice president of regulatory affairs to learn what retailers should be thinking about if they want to get into delivery. Read the Full Article

5. 2020 BevAlc Retail Report

BevAlc Insights’ second annual monitor of alcohol retailers – gauges the attitudes and outlook of alcohol retail store owners and managers operating in a transformed environment.

Throughout 2020, Covid-19 reshaped consumer behavior and the retail landscape beyond imagination — beverage alcohol included. This second annual report surveyed independent alcohol retailers in October 2020 to uncover the attitudes and outlook of owners and managers. In this transformed consumer purchasing environment, we explored in-store and online sales performance amidst COVID-19, holiday expectations, new competitive threats, and categories poised for growth. Read the Full Article

4. BevAlc Insights’ Monthly Sales Insights

Each month, we highlight five major insights from the previous month’s sales

Starting in the month of May, we took a look back at each month’s Drizly data in order to highlight five insights from that month’s sales. From major occasions like the Fourth of July and Election Day, to consumer and market insights, to breakout products and categories, each of these monthly recaps offered real-time takeaways for retailers making purchasing and operational decisions. Read the Full Article

3. Drizly 2020 Consumer Report

A June survey of 15,000+ consumers reveals how alcohol purchasing behaviors are changing

With the alcohol purchasing landscape transformed by mid-year, Drizly spoke to consumers across the country to determine how their home consumption and buying behavior had shifted. From cocktail culture coming home to this importance of online ordering and delivery, the 2020 consumer report highlighted real-time insights into a new era of alcohol retail. Read the Full Article

2. BevAlc Insights’ 2H 2020 Tequila Forecast

Gain a competitive edge on inventory decisions with data and insights about the fastest-growing spirits category

A category that was already growing prior to 2020, tequila sales soared amidst Covid-19 lockdowns, stealing share from the stalwart vodka category. Buoyed by premiumization and diverse new SKUs, tequila is poised to drive sales for retailers in the months and years to come. Read the Full Article

1. BevAlc Insights’ 2H 2020 RTD Cocktail Forecast

RTD cocktails grew considerably this year; retailers and experts evaluate what’s next for the category
2020 was the year of the RTD cocktail. Though an influx of higher-quality RTD options in recent years set the category up for success, it was the combination of convenience and safety in the new era of pandemic socialization that made consumers fully embrace RTD cocktails. Read the Full Article